RMA / Warranty Policy

Limited Product Warranty:

MICROTECH INC. warrants that its products (the "Product(s)") shall be free from defects in material and workmanship the duration of the Warranty Period. The “Warranty Period” means (a) for Products purchased by the customer directly from MICROTECH INC.’S Webstores, two years after the date of delivery of such Product to such customer and (b) for Products purchased from an authorized MICROTECH INC. reseller, one year after the date of shipment of such Product to such authorized reseller. MICROTECH INC.’S sole and exclusive obligation and liability under the foregoing warranty shall be for MICROTECH INC., at its discretion, to replace any Product with a new or refurbished version of the Product that fails to conform to the above warranty during the above warranty period. Such obligation shall be the sole remedy under this warranty and MICROTECH INC.’S exclusive obligation and the full extent of its liability. The expense of removal and reinstallation of any Product, including labor costs, is not included in this warranty. The warranty period of any replaced Product shall not extend beyond its original term. This warranty does not cover any software applications or programs, non-MICROTECH INC. products or non-MICROTECH INC. peripherals. All products and parts that are replaced become the property of MICROTECH INC.

Repair and Replacement Policy:

  • Warranty claims are entrained from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM between Monday to Friday.
  • Production of original Invoice issued by MICROTECH INC. with a valid period of warranty is mandatory for end user to claim RMA on any product. 
  • RMA tickets requires process time of minimum 15 working days (excluding Saturday / Sunday / Public Holidays) from the date of issuance of R.O ticket from MICROTECH INC.
  • No Products will be accepted for replacement without obtaining an RMA number from MICROTECH INC. during the warranty period.
  • Any claimed Products must be received at MICROTECH INC’s passport office, Saddar branch in accordance with the RMA process of MICROTECH INC. prior to replacement of any returned Products.
  • Replacement of opened or used product with a new product will be facilitated within 14 days from date of purchase only and subject to availability at manufacturer’s end, also 15% percent restocking fee may apply in accordance to policy.
  • Products returned without an RMA number and without a valid proof of purchase will not be processed and will be subject to disposal.
  • MICROTECH INC. reserve the right to impose charges for services on the Product which are outside the cover of the warranty.
  • MICROTECH INC. also reserve the right to decline to provide service where the Product is obsolete, no longer deemed serviceable or replaceable for any reason.
  • Products after servicing or inspections must be collected within one (1) month from the date of notification.
  • MICROTECH INC. may dispose of the Product which remains uncollected after one (1) month, without notice, in any way MICROTECH INC. deem fit and MICROTECH INC. may also claim any damages from client including any costs for the storage of the Product. MICROTECH INC. reserve the right of lien for unpaid charges.
  • Under limited warranty MICROTECH is only liable to replace the chip, IC or hardware component only or refurb a product. Hardware equipment of RMA claimed device will be repaired first and if the issue still persist then a replacement will be issued only a single time in warranty period.

Exclusion of RMA (Warranty Claim will not be entertained on any of following):

  • Warranty period of equipment is exceeded.
  • Product received to us in "POWER DEAD" condition for claim. 
  • Hardware or Power Supply Unit surged, burnt or damaged from electric fluctuation or misuse of equipment.
  • Optical PON ports of FTTH products are damaged / malfunctioned / burnt / not detecting terminal.
  • Any changes in OEM software or fabrication in hardware.
  • Warranty is not applicable on defects in material, workmanship, jailbreaking of software, alteration in hardware or software of equipment.
  • Product has been subjected to misuse, abuse, improper handling, alterations, modifications or repairs by customer or third parties, negligence, abnormal physical, electromagnetic or electrical stress, including lightning strikes, or accident.
  • Product has been damaged due to natural disaster, including but not limited to lightning, flood, tornado, earthquake, heavy rain or hurricane.
  • Product has been painted, rebranded or physically modified in any way.
  • Product has been damaged due to errors or defects in cabling.