CCR1036-8G-2S+EM MikroTik RouterBOARD

CCR1036-8G-2S+EM MikroTik RouterBOARD

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Product Description

The MikroTik CCR1036-8G-2S+EM is a high-performance router designed for advanced networking and routing tasks. Here's a description of its key features and specifications:

  • Processor: The CCR1036-8G-2S+EM is powered by a Tilera Tile-Gx36 CPU with 36 cores, which provides high processing power for routing and networking tasks.
  • RAM: It comes with 4GB of onboard RAM, ensuring smooth operation and the ability to handle a large number of concurrent connections and complex routing tasks.
  • Ethernet Ports: This router features 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports (10/100/1000) for connecting wired devices, such as computers, switches, or other network equipment. These ports are used for LAN connectivity and can be configured for various networking purposes.
  • SFP+ Ports: The router also includes 2 SFP+ (10G) ports that can be used for high-speed uplinks, interconnecting with other networking equipment, or connecting to fiber optic networks.
  • Expansion Module Slot: The "+EM" in the model name indicates that it has an expansion module slot, allowing you to add additional connectivity options or features to the router. This provides flexibility for different network requirements.
  • Throughput: The CCR1036-8G-2S+EM is known for its high throughput capabilities, making it suitable for demanding applications and networks. It can handle multiple gigabits per second of traffic.
  • Operating System: MikroTik RouterOS is the operating system that powers this device. It's a versatile and feature-rich routing and networking software with a wide range of capabilities and configuration options.
  • Hardware Encryption: The router supports hardware-based encryption, which can be important for securing network traffic and protecting sensitive data.
  • Cooling: The device features passive cooling, which is quieter and has no moving parts like fans. This is advantageous for deployments where low noise is essential.
  • Form Factor: The CCR1036-8G-2S+EM comes in a compact 1U rack-mountable form factor, making it suitable for data center installations and professional network setups.
  • Power Supply: It typically includes an external power supply unit (PSU) to provide power to the router.

This router is designed for high-performance routing, advanced networking tasks, and can handle large and complex networks with high data throughput requirements. It's commonly used by internet service providers (ISPs), data centers, and large-scale enterprises to manage their networks efficiently. Please note that it's important to check for any updates or changes to the model or its specifications, as product offerings can change over time.

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