Ubiquiti UniFi AP-XG

Ubiquiti UniFi AP-XG



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Ubiquiti UniFi XG AP 802.11ac Wave 2 MU‑MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output) innovation permits a Wave 2 AP, for example, the UniFi XG AP, to speak with various customers simultaneously – fundamentally expanding multi‑user 

throughput and in general client experience. Wave 1 and Wave 2 APs offer 28 autonomous (non‑overlapping) channels: three for the 2.4 GHz band and 25 for 5 GHz, including DFS channels. With the benefits of MU-MIMO innovation and 

4x4 spatial streams, the UniFi XG AP can uphold more than triple the quantity of users2 per radio than a regular Wave 1 AP. Grow your 10-Gigabit network with the UniFi XG Access Point, some portion of the Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Enterprise Wi-Fi System. 

Item Features 

• 10 Gigabit Ethernet Support 

• 4x4 MU-MIMO Quad-Radio: (3) customer, 1 Security 

• Dual 5 GHz 802.11ac Wave 2 Radios 

• 3.466 Gbps Combined Radio Rate in 5 GHz 

• 800 Mbps Radio Rate in 2.4 GHz 

• Dedicated Security Radio with Persistent Threat Management 

• 1,500 Client Association Limit 

• 802.3bt Power Injector Included 

• Frequency Range: 2402-2480Mhz 

• Input: 100-240V-50/60Hz, Max .075A; Output: 48V, 0.5A

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