Ai-tek 8 Ports Universal Multi-Socket Power Distribution Unit

Ai-tek 8 Ports Universal Multi-Socket Power Distribution Unit



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Product Description

Ai-tek 8 Ports Universal Multi-Socket Power Distribution Unit

Product Features

The number of output units: 8    

Standard length: 2 m    

Current Rating: 10A / 2500W    

Rated voltage: 250V    

Rated frequency: 50-60HZ    

Color: Black    

Plastic flame retardant: UL94V-0 level    

Wire size: 3G1.5 mm2 × 2m    

Housing material: aluminum profiles        

 Purpose: Cabinet for power    

Feature: Anti-spark, anti-surge, SPD lightning protection, dual on-off control switch off the zero line and the line of fire, overload protection.    

1. Total control double-break switch, silver alloy shock switch, arc resistance, long life    

2. Internal ferrule all fire-retardant plastic, 750-degree heat does not burn, eliminate safety hazards. Safety achieve national "resistance to abnormal heat testing standards"    

3.10A Universal jack, compatible and efficient international 10A, 13A British standard American standard and European standard plug    

4 high-quality copper wire, conductive heat, the use of safe and secure    

5. The integrated three-flat plug, national 3C certification, strong twisting deformation    


A. Do the power line Norse unwound before use to avoid induced charge can cause the cord to abnormal heat;

B. Do not put wet places;

C. Do not put in contact with local children;

D. Do not exceed the total power rating of the electrical power;

E. Do not open the socket, if necessary, contact with professionals or with the Company    

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